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Spring Weight Loss Tips for Coloradans.


 For many people, spring is the time to revitalize the mind, body and spirit. April showers notwithstanding, now is the Weight Loss Clinictime to get out and get active. Take advantage of the natural resources available to get in shape for summer and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. These weight loss tips brought to you by the doctor's office of Front Range Primary Care offer a mix of fun and fitness to get you moving.

 Take a Hike… or a Jog, Swim, Yoga Class…

 The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that on average adults should be getting 150 minutes per week of moderate cardio and two sessions per week of working the major muscle groups. Staying active will help you maintain your weight and encourage weight loss. The city of Thornton, CO offers residents a unique variety of adult classes at its Carpenter Recreation Center. Here, adults and kids alike can find a wide range of classes and sports, anything from basketball to swimming and more. Exercise takes dedication, and you won't stay dedicated to something you don't like. Pick a sport or other activity requiring regular attendance, and you'll have the added benefit of teammate accountability to keep you motivated. If you hate the idea of a treadmill or a gym for your regular exercise, take a walk on the natural side. Nothing says spring like a bright and beautiful day outdoors. With Denver's access to stunning parks and trails, you'll be sure to find something to do, whether it's learning to climb mountains or simply biking through a forest trail. Thornton's city website hosts trail and park maps for easy reference. 

What's for Dinner? 

All the exercise in the world won't do any good if you don't balance it with proper food choices. The U.S. Department of Agriculture website provides outstanding resources for managing food plans and keeping track of calories. With summer just around the corner, it's time to lighten up your plate with fresh veggies, low-carb offerings and lean protein. Ground turkey can be substituted easily for ground beef. Cauliflower can be mashed in place of mashed potatoes. Can't resist dessert? Try a parfait of yogurt and fresh berries, just as satisfying as ice cream without the guilt. 

Clinical Help 

Make sure you talk to a doctor before beginning any weight loss program, as a specialized weight loss clinic will be your best aid in helping to shed pounds safely and effectively. The friendly doctors at Front Range Primary Care in Thornton, CO offer flexible hours and a knowledgeable staff. Come talk to them today to discuss weight loss options for spring.


How to treat your allergies this season.


With the onset of spring, allergies are on the rise once again. The warm weather in Denver Thornton, Colorado, coupled with millions of Allergy Testspores and pollen filling the air, has increased the number of patients queued outside the doctor's office. There are different types of allergies, and you can determine your triggers through allergy testing at a primary care center or physician care clinic. Various options are available for allergy treatments, and can differ from one individual to another. Some people can manage with an over-the-counter tablet while others may need allergy injections and emergency inhalers. 

Some of the ways by which you can treat your allergies during this allergy season are: 

(1) Through the use of antihistamines, which treat the root of the allergy symptoms.

 (2) Wearing a facemask outdoors. Also wearing fully covered sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat. 

(3) Allergens like spores and pollen can get stuck to your clothes, which can then be transferred to things and people surrounding you. Therefore it is necessary to wash your bedding and clothes very often in order to get rid of the allergens, especially during the spring season. 

(4) Using topical gels that are electrostatic positive charged and repel negative charged pollen. 

(5) Taking homeopathic tablets or drops to build immunity to pollens. 

(6) Avoiding damp and moist areas where the allergies are likely to be aggravated. 

(7) Considering natural remedies like herbal supplements or nutrients like grapeseed extract found in red wine. 

(8) Using homemade salt water nasal sprays can be an effective remedy. 

(9) Resorting to acupuncture and herbal treatments. Though there isn't any sufficient research to support the effectiveness of these remedies, some studies show results. For example, in the November 2004 edition of "Pediatrics" magazine, children suffering from hay fever and who received acupuncture twice a week for eight weeks were found to show reduced symptoms, both during treatment as well as around 10 weeks post treatment, as compared to children who did not receive acupuncture at all.

 (10) In the case of very bad allergies it is recommended to visit a Front Range Primary Care facility and consult an Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) medical specialist for expert guidance and advice.


Gout: Symptoms And Prevention.

Gout Treatment Once upon a time, gout was known as the "disease of kings"  because it was linked with overindulgence in rich, fatty foods and  wines-luxuries that only the wealthy could afford. With today's   abundance of high quality foods, however, gout affects individuals  from any background. If, after reading this overview, you believe  that you may have symptoms of gout, visit your primary care  physician for an evaluation.

 Gout Causes and Definition 

 Gout, a type of arthritis, begins when extra uric acid accumulates  throughout the body and crystallizes in the joints. This occurs either  because the body is producing more uric acid or because the kidneys do not work as well as before in removing uric acid. In the former case, certain foods and medications can raise the blood uric acid levels, including shellfish, red meats, excess alcohol, sugary foods and drinks, some diuretics, and some immunosuppressant’s. 

Gout Symptoms 

Initial symptoms center around sudden, painful swelling in one or two joints, most often involving the big toe, that begins in the late night or early morning. The area may be red and warm, and the swelling episodes are often intense. Sometimes, a couple other joints may be affected as well: foot, ankle, knee, and less frequently in the arms. The time period between attacks is often pain-free. 

Gout Treatments 

Prescription medications are helpful both for treating acute attacks and for preventing flare-ups by reducing uric acid in the body. Over the counter painkillers are most effective for quick relief. Everyone's situation is different, so it's best to work with your doctor to determine the right option for you.  Front Range Primary Care offers gout treatment for Denver and Thornton residents.

Gout Prevention

As noted above, preventive medications can decrease blood uric acid levels, making it less likely that crystals will form and cause an acute attack. In addition, some patients find that lifestyle changes can also reduce the incidence of gout attacks; these include avoiding the foods and drinks listed earlier and losing weight gradually. 

Although an acute attack of gout can be debilitating, today's treatment options can help you restore your normal lifestyle. A visit to your doctor's office can confirm whether you have gout and begin the treatment process to reduce the frequency and severity of flare-ups. Don't let gout slow you down!  Contact Front Range Primary Care for all your primary care needs.


Do I really need an annual check-up?

 We all know how important it is to take care of our vehicles, and we schedule frequent oil changes and tune-ups to make sure that they keep running smoothly. Our bodies have even more needs, but unfortunately, many of us don't schedule annual check-ups to stay healthy and prevent future problems from occurring. Your annual check-up is more than just an hour spent in a clinic, it's the first line of defense in staying happy, healthy and living a long life.

What to Expect

During an annual check-up, you'll be seeing your primary care physician. First, a nurse will check your weight and blood pressure and ask you if you have experienced any health issues over the past year. It's important to be completely honest with them -- even if it's embarrassing for you. Nurses and doctors have literally heard it all and you won't be judged for any information you share. They need to know the whole picture of what is going on with you in order to keep you healthy.

If you have noticed any health issues, speak about them frankly and don't be afraid to ask your doctor for more information or for their advice. That's their job and they want to know and they want to help you.

 Addressing Health Issues

If you have been experiencing any health issues, your physician may recommend either some lifestyle changes and a future visit to check on your progress, or they may recommend some medication to help you feel better. It is very important to share with them any current medications you are taking and to ask questions about the medication they prescribe. You may also want to ask if they have any other advice for you and your family about staying healthy.

Scheduling an Appointment

 The first step to staying healthy is getting your annual check-up. It doesn't take long and you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that your body is getting the care it needs. If you live in the Denver, Colorado area, give the Front Range Primary Care facility a call today to schedule your annual check-up. You'll be glad you did.

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