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Seasonal allergies bothering you again?

 Season allergies affect millions of people and if you suffer from them, you know just how painful it can be. For many, it is similar to having aSeasonal Allergies  cold that never goes away during the months that they are affected by them. While most people are  familiar with hay fever, or allergies to pollen that typically worsen during the spring and summer months, you can have seasonal allergies at any time of the year. Those who are allergic to dust and  mold may actually have a worse time during the winter months.

Over the Counter Treatments

OTC allergy treatments are the most commonly used method for treating seasonal allergies. These pills are available at any drugstore and there are literally hundreds of different choices. While these treatments are typically cost effective, they may not always work and many have serious side effects that are associated with mixing the wrong kind of medicines, or underlying health conditions,  such as high blood pressure. Always check with your doctor before taking any over the counter medications, particularly if you do have a health condition.

Doctor Prescribed Allergy Treatments

Your doctor can prescribe prescription strength medication to treat your season allergies. These medicines can provide more relief than OTC medications and may be better for those who have high blood pressure or other health conditions. If you aren't sure what kind of allergies you have, you can schedule an appointment with your primary care physician to have them do an allergy test. They can use the results to help decide what medications will work best for you.

Reducing Symptoms

 Your physician may also recommend changing some things in your environment, such as installing a humidifier in your home, frequently replacing furnace filters and using hepa filters on your vacuums or using dust-mite protectant bedding. Talk about your symptoms with your doctor and see what they recommend to help you breathe easier.

 Schedule an appointment with your family doctor to discuss your options for treating your allergies. If you live in the Denver or Thornton area, visit the Front Range Primary Care clinic for help with your allergies.

What is hypertension?

 Millions of Americans suffer from a hidden disease that can take their lives with little warning. With our diets that are high in salt and our High Blood Pressurestressful lives, hypertension is a very real problem. Without proper medical care and treatment, hypertension  can lead to death. If you have felt as though your heart was racing, your temper snaps easily, or you simply do not feel right, it is important to understand what hypertension is and to take action to visit your doctor.

What is Hypertension?

This is the medical term for high blood pressure. It causes your heart to beat faster which in turns put more stress on your heart and other organs. Untreated high blood pressure can lead to death from heart attacks and strokes and it can even lead to organ failure in advanced cases. If you have a family history of hypertension, or if you have a poor diet that is high in fat and sodium, there is a chance you could be suffering from hypertension and not even know it.

When you make an appointment with your primary care physician, they will screen you for hypertension. Typically, your blood pressure will be taken when you first arrive at the clinic. A good range to have is around 120/80, those with hypertension may test as high as 200/120. If you have an initial high reading, they  will take your pressure again to determine whether you may actually have a problem.

Treating Hypertension

If your doctor determines that your blood pressure is at an unsafe level, they will prescribe medication to help treat this condition. There are several different types of blood pressure medications and it may take a few trials to find the right prescription to help you. For example, some may respond better to alpha blockers, while others do better with beta blockers.

Getting Checked

Since hypertension is known as the silent killer, it is important to get regular, annual check-ups to monitor your health and your blood pressure. If you do notice symptoms of high blood pressure, schedule an appointment with your doctor right away. The longer you wait to treat the problem, the more at risk you are for developing severe complications. Those living in the Denver area can schedule an appointment at the Front Range Primary Care facility to get screened for hypertension.

When should you have your prostate checked?

 Prostate cancer is one of the most treatable forms of cancer, but sadly, it often goes undetected for several years. In order to protect your Men's Healthhealth, there are specific times when it's important to get your prostate health checked. There are also two different types of prostate check-ups that can help your doctor check for any potential trouble signs.

When to Get Tested

Men who have a family history of prostate cancer should begin screening when they reach age 40. Yearly PSA tests can help your doctor screen you for this disease. This type of test is a simple blood test and takes only a few minutes to complete. African American men are also urged to begin screening for prostate cancer at 40 since they are more at risk for developing this disease. Men who do not have a family history of prostate cancer can begin screening for this disease once they reach age 45-50.  It is always best to consult with your primary care physician.

The PSA Test

This type of prostate cancer check is a blood test that is done to determine whether or not you have the Prostate Specific Antigen. This particular screening test is very beneficial in helping to spot a rise in PSA which can mean that you have early stage prostate cancer. This is also the more beneficial time to begin treatment. In some cases, a PSA test will return with a higher levels of the antigen but the patient may not have cancer. When this occurs, a more invasive test is typically scheduled to help determine the actual risks the patient is facing.

The Digital Rectal Prostate Screening

This is an invasive test, but it is somewhat more accurate than simple PSA screening, particularly for men who are at risk for developing prostate cancer. This screening takes a few minutes in the doctor's office and can give your physician a broader picture of what is happening in the area.

What to Look For:

If you are experiencing frequent urination, pain or simply are concerned about prostate cancer, it is best to have a discussion with your primary care physician. If you live in the Thornton, Colorado area, make an appointment at the Front Range Primary Care facility for your prostate screening.

Where can I get help for my kids ADHD in Thornton CO?

 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a relatively common mental health problem in children. Although a minority of mental ADHD Treatmenthealth professionals believe that ADHD is just a personality trait or simply represents the diversity in brain development in kids, the majority of medical experts believe that the behavior and focus problems need to be treated thoroughly and accurately to ensure thatyour child benefits from high-quality education and does not miss opportunities in life. ADD is virtually the same attention deficit diagnosis as ADHD without the hyperactivity component in it. A highly skilled pediatrics expert or a primary care physician at our  medical clinic can evaluate your child and diagnose any attention problems that he or she    might have. Front Range Primary Care medical experts employed by our medical clinic in Thornton, Colorado are skilled at identifying even mild signs of ADHD and behavior problems, and implement advanced treatment combined with lifestyle recommendations and parenting advice.

 ADHD And ADD In Children Are Often Under diagnosed And Overlooked

According to the American Psychiatric Association, between 3 and 7 percent of school-age children have ADHD or ADD. However, some mental health experts believe that the numbers may be higher because ADHD is often under diagnosed and some of its mild mental signs are missed. A physician working in pediatric care may interpret the attention deficit of your child as simply a sign of impulsiveness or increased energy levels, and the lack of mental focus and poor academic success as lack of discipline and laziness. Front Range Primary Care medical clinic employs highly talented primary care and pediatrics professionals who possess the required in-depth knowledge and experience at identifying even the most subtle signs and symptoms of ADHD in your children and implement the right treatment plan.

Medication and Therapy Interventions Can Help Manage ADHD Symptoms

If your child has ADHD, there is no reason for despair. With the right treatment and a little bit of effort and patience from you, your child can get better at school and improve his or her focus. A combination of precisely adjusted dosages of stimulant medication, therapy and educational interventions can make a dramatic difference in terms of an improved focus, better self-control and success at school. As a parent of a child diagnosed with ADHD, you are encouraged to seek professional medical attention at Front Range Primary Care and benefit from our solid expertise in pediatrics and child mental health. 

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