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Who Should Get a Pneumonia Vaccination?

Pneumonia is a preventable illness caused by bacteria that can invade a person’s lungs. However, it is crucial to remember that pneumonia can be prevented with the use of a vaccination. There are 23 types of Pneumonia Vaccinatioin, and even though antibiotics are often adequate in treating the illness, pneumonia is also becoming more and more resistant to several antibiotics used to treat pneumonia. For this reason, it is imperative that you discuss your personal risk factors with our physician who can help you best determine whether you should get the vaccine.

 Individuals at the Greatest Risk of Acquiring Pneumonia

 Although pneumonia can affect any person at any age, there are several populations who are more prone to pneumonia than others. The following people are prone to acquiring pneumonia including:

 -Elderly patients over 65

 -People with a compromised immune system

 -Children under 2

 -Patients with heart and lung disease

 -Individuals suffering from alcoholism

 -Anyone with kidney failure

 -Patients with immune system deficiencies including HIV, or patients without a spleen.


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