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Restoring the Functional Capacity of Injured Athletes is a Top Priority

Finding a prep school or a college athlete that did not experience any type of injury or trauma during training or competitive events is a rare Sports Medicineoccurrence. Injuries are a part of athletic activities, and almost any individual engaged in sports who utilizes his or her full physical abilities to perform on a high level has experienced some sort of physical discomfort, pain or trauma in their career. Fortunately, most injuries heal with minimal medical intervention because the human body has the ability to repair itself provided the athlete has adequate rest and high-quality nutrition. However, moderate to severe injuries may require the intervention of sports medicine specialists to correct the underlying issues that result in pain and emotional distress for an athlete or a sports enthusiast. When an athlete or a child who plays sports for fun or proper physical development is injured severely, the most important question that arises is whether he or she will be able to resume training fast enough to avoid losing the skills, the strength and the endurance that he or she has already accumulated during long hours of training and participation in competitions. 

At the Front Range Primary Care medical facilities serving the communities of Trinidad, Thornton and Denver, CO, our adequately trained physicians recognize the necessity to restore the physical abilities of athletes as soon as possible, allowing them to resume their training sessions without losing precious skill and strength, yet ensuring their physical safety. However, this medical endeavor can be accomplished only through a rapid yet impeccable injury assessment and diagnosis. Wasting time with expensive tests and paperwork, which is sometimes occurring in larger hospital ER units, is counterproductive when dealing with common injuries that need immediate medical attention. 

Sports Medicine Starts with Evaluating an Individual’s Vital Parameters 

As soon as an injured individual walks through the door of our primary care clinics, our medical staff begins the assessment for signs of severe brain or bodily damage, which should be excluded before proceeding with any other time-consuming tests. Our experienced physicians evaluate the athlete’s vital signs, such as the heart rate, arterial blood pressure and breathing, assess the basic mental functioning parameters and perform quick vision tests. It allows our medical personnel to rule out possible brain damage and any abnormality that may occur in the cardiovascular or respiratory system following a forceful impact or any other type of external factors that caused the injury. Once our doctors have made sure that there is no immediate threat to the patient’s life, a careful, step-by-step evaluation of the injured region is performed, which includes a physical examination that detect signs of hematomas, infection, swelling or an unnatural displacement in the bones, joints and ligaments. Our talented sports medicine experts use reliable X-ray machines to identify any anatomical problem that may need orthopedic correction or surgery, such as fractured bones, sprains or vertebral displacements. Most frequently, radical interventions are not needed, and the athletes benefit from anti-inflammatory medication, careful orthopedic maneuvers and recommendations regarding recovery, rest and nutrition, which ensure the quickest rehabilitation after the injury and a fast return to full physical capacity. 


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