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Children and High-Risk Individuals Benefit from Vaccinations That Prevent Common Infections


Before vaccines were invented, thousands of children were dying or were handicapped every year from diseases such as Vaccinations in Denverpoliomyelitis, diphtheria, tetanus or pertussis, among many others. Certain diseases, such as malaria and HIV, are still causing numerous deaths among children and individuals with a weakened immune response, such as the elderly and patients with chronic medical disorders. Vaccines have been elaborated for the most common infectious diseases, both bacterial and viral. There is some progress in the development of the malaria vaccine, and recent clinical trials revealed that an effective vaccine formula will be found in the near future. Research is also in progress for an effective HIV vaccine, although medical researchers have been less successful in this field compared to the malaria vaccine development. The vaccinations are included in the US schedule, which includes specific vaccines that need to be administered and the age of their administration to children or certain high-risk individuals. Many vaccines are mandatory, and they are administered to everyone. Our pediatricians and primary care physicians working at Front Range Primary Care are always available to administer vaccines to children and adults according to the recommended vaccination schedule. Moreover, our physicians monitor patients after the vaccine has been administered to ensure that they don’t exhibit adverse effects that may need medical attention, although vaccines are very safe and bothersome phenomena are rarely encountered. 

Vaccines Contain “Disabled” Viruses or Bacteria 

There are several vaccines that are regularly administered to everyone in the United States, such as the diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus vaccine, the hepatitis B vaccine, MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), poliomyelitis vaccine, and several others. Most of them are administered anywhere from one to three times during an individual’s lifetime, except the flu shot, which is given on an yearly basis to ensure its effectiveness against the highly-variable influenza virus. Your physician at the Front Range Primary Care will take care of the vaccination schedule, and remind you about the necessity to vaccinate your children, so you don’t need to worry about remembering the diseases and the recommended vaccination age. Vaccines are basically bacteria or viruses that have been disabled or inactivated in labs, although their retain the structural characteristics of an active disease-causing agent. Vaccines facilitate the elaboration of a specific immune response when white blood cells scan and analyze the inactivated bacteria or virus, without the body becoming affected by an infection. 



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