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Benefits to Employers

Front Range Primary Care can help you reduce your Workers’ Comp and employee healthcare premiums by working with you to encourage your employees to receive healthcare services in the place of service most appropriate for treating their injury or illness. The CDC estimates that 50% of cases treated in the emergency room should be treated in a primary care or urgent care setting. By reducing overuse of the emergency room and hospital emergency departments, you can effectively reduce your coverage expenses, and employees see their access to the efficient services urgent care centers provide as a benefit to their families.

Front Range Primary Care also provides pre-employment physicals.

  • Fast treatment enables night, weekend and holiday shift workers to return to work more quickly than the emergency room or hospital.
  • Lower treatment costs help you to manage your employee healthcare costs, and minimize out of pocket expenses for your employees;
  • Coordinated care ensures that complete treatment records are forwarded to the patient's primary care physician for follow-up as needed;
  • Latest treatment protocols translate into top-notch care;
  • Workers' Compensation cases are handled efficiently;
  • Pre-employment physicals can be conducted at a time and place convenient to the employee.

To learn more about how Front Range Primary Care can help you manage your organizations healthcare costs, contact our Manager of Clinical Operations, Alan Ashinhurst, at (303) 218-7761.

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