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Allergy Test and Treatments


Allergy Symptoms

Front Range Primary Care offers comprehensive testing and treatment programs to identify allergies and eradicate the symptoms of allergy in its patients. At Front Range Primary Care in Southeast Denver, Thornton and Trinidad, Colorado, we understand that allergies can hamper the way you live and keep you inside during certain times of year. In today’s day and age, allergies don’t have to be debilitating. Once we know what you are allergic to, we can slowly train the immune system to become less sensitive to the allergen, and reduce the symptoms of allergy altogether.

Do Not Suffer with Allergies Anymore!

Allergy Test

With a simple, safe, non-invasive scratch test, the staff at Front Range Primary Care can identify your allergies usually within minutes, not hours. The visit will only take about 15 minutes and results are usually available within another 15 minutes. This means at Front Range Primary Care we don’t make you wait. You will be in and out with a diagnosis of any airborne allergies in under an hour. The testing is safe, simple and comfortable and may result in a small patch of irritated or swollen skin similar to a pimple. 

While we do not normally test for food allergies, Front Range Primary Care medical clinics do perform tests to look for all types of allergic reaction. Allergies may be caused by airborne particulates such as mold, animal droppings, pet dander, pollen, germs, insect bites and microbes and may manifest themselves as:

  • Asthma                  
  • Sinusitis
  • Hives
  • Insect Allergies
  • Angioedema
  • Allergic Pneumonia
  • Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)
  • Rhinitis
  • Dermatitis

Allergy tests identify those allergens that result in an allergic reaction. If you are allergic to something and you don’t know what it is, allergy symptoms can result in serious health complications and even death. The swelling of the throat can cut off the air supply in certain allergy sufferers. With a simple and affordable allergy test at Front Range Primary Care medical clinics, you can identify any allergies and nip the symptoms of allergies in the bud. 

Strengthen the Immune System Against Allergies.

Allergy Treatment

Once we have completed the allergy test and identified what is causing your allergy or allergies, Front Range Primary Care offers sustained treatment of allergies including immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is the most effective form of allergy treatment and eliminates allergy symptoms in nearly 85% of patients. We will treat your allergies and allergy symptoms in the safe and affordable environment of the Front Range Primary Care medical facilities. 

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For immunotherapy provided at our medical clinics, the allergen is actually introduced to the body in increasing levels so that the immune system adapts and becomes less sensitive to the allergy causing agent. This essentially trains the immune system of the body to overcome its own allergies and be less susceptible to allergic reaction. Combined with a comprehensive and effective allergy test, a course of Immunotherapy can have incredible results but requires regular visits to a Front Range Primary Care clinic near you in Denver, Thornton and Trinidad. 

It is not uncommon to eliminate the allergy altogether but it really depends on the individual case and circumstances. Immunotherapy is usually effective over a course of 6 months to a year but may take over a year depending on the allergy. At Front Range Primary Care, we offer reliable testing procedures and safe and effective treatments for allergies of all kinds.  


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